The Blue Backer Party

The Blue Backer Party

​By Rosella’s time, there were many political parties, aside from the classic ones like the Republicans, the Democrats, the Libertarians, and the Green Party. Some other parties were the Workers Freedom Party (Communists), the Reformed Torres Party, the American Solidarity Party, the National Socialist Movement (Nazis), and the Sanford Party. All operating at different levels of governance throughout America.

One of the most unusual was the Blue Backer Party. This party took its namesake from Judge Kara Blue, a justice in the California County of Placer’s Family Court.

Judge Blue created what would become known as the Blue Doctrine when she rendered a custody opinion concerning a couple and child from a non-cloned union, a godseed. The couple involved were being difficult, and Judge Blue had become despondent with both. During the deliberations, abortion became a contentious problem between the couple, as each accused the other pressuring to keep the child during the pregnancy and not allowing the woman to exercise her right to an abortion. It had become clear to Judge Blue that neither party understood the responsibilities of parenthood. They were only looking out for their own self interests.

In her opinion, Judge Blue reasoned that “since the state had granted the woman the right to an abortion that this treated said fetus/godseed as a foreign mass that could be removed at will. If so, even if carried to full term, said entity was neither property of nor belonging to the woman and/or the man as said entity was estranged from both. If so, then the government alone has a vested interest in ensuring the most reasonable care of said entity. This doesn’t mean with either the man, the woman, or both. In fact, this could mean left to the state’s discretion based on current available science and technology. It also follows that the right of privacy doesn’t extend to human reproduction when at-will abortion is allowed by the state. This implies that the state has a vested interest in human reproduction and will let what would be a natural biological function be ended at-will for nothing more than the benefit of the social welfare of the state on some level, such as population control. Further, because of the availability of human cloning, now the state has an interest in the population’s control for both the economic and the social welfare of the society. It could, in the interest of public health, sterilize the population and use cloning instead. This is made even more self-evident because the state has permitted the private right of abortion to a woman. While it is true for a time viable human cloning wasn’t available, for by making the abortion of a fetus/godseed at the will of women makes it against the interests of the state in the social welfare needs of society with safe human cloning now available. The correction of such reality is the sterilization of either the man or woman or both, and then the use of cloning by the state. This is nothing more than a restoration of the right of human reproduction to the state for the welfare of the society.

It was from this that people would later form the Blue Backer Party and pursue a campaign of state’s right of population control through sterilization and cloning. The followers voluntarily sterilized themselves in a show of dedication. The party never gained enough support to mount any successful candidates at any level of politics in the U.S., but they could provide to the larger parties’ campaign contributions from associated cloning technology corporations. It is rumored that it was from a Blue Backer member that A-4 androids were programmed with the “glitch” that causes female clones to be made with no uterus. This has never been confirmed, but A-4 android manufacturers say the “glitch” has been fixed despite the continuation of the problem. A-4 android manufacturers blame the current issues on the genetics of the users.

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