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Email Submission Terms

By checking off the agreement box, you desire to get our newsletter associated with this website, associated websites, and publishing house.

Also, by checking off the box, you’ll get any other mentioned offers you’ve selected or mentioned or currently offered.

All emails submitted for our newsletter will be verified. Bogus emails will be discarded.

We do not sell or rent our emails. All emails collected are subject to our Privacy Policy.

We are not responsible for any third-party advertising resulting from the use of the Substack app or other third-party email systems.

E-JSD Subscription Terms

All E-JSD subscription terms are subject to any limitations, including state and local laws.

1 (one) Year Free Subscription is limited to one email per customer for only one time.

Special Email Offers are limited to the terms specified on the email and do not extend to terms listed here.

All E-JSD sign-ups that take place on Substack are subject to the terms and conditions listed on Substack.

Current E-JSD rates on Substack are as follows-

Monthly- $5 USD

Yearly- $30 USD

Both Monthly and Yearly Subscribers get the full view of stories and ability to comment.

Founding Member- $90 USD (includes Free E-Book of the Joseph Street Digest as they are produced)

Short 7-day Free Trial Subscription