About Us

What we are NOT and what we are about…

We are not large to medium trade publisher. We don’t see ourselves as a vanity press. We are not listed on wall street. Our authors tend not to be found on bestsellers lists or have won the National Book Award. Nor do some of our authors have professional writing degrees. And we don’t mind being up front about these facts.

And yes, we have author contracts and try our best to pay our writers fairly. That being said, we’ve never liked the advance/earn out model. It’s fairer to pay for the rights up front, and provide a share of any income we get from sales as royalties for those rights. And yes, as a publisher we don’t expect our authors bearing the full weight of marketing and advertising. It is our responsibility to handle that task.

This is all because we believe in writers write to be read by readers who enjoy reading for reading’s sake.

Our View On Generative AI

Our publications, online and otherwise, will allow the use of generative AI within the systems and laws we are subjected to by agreements or otherwise.

But as this area is in constant flux, our policies on these matters may change drastically.

Currently, US Copyright laws do not protect AI generated content and some distribution networks won’t accept it.

We require authors and subcontractors to disclose the AI tools they used, including generative AI, grammar checker, and AI writing coach for rephrasing.

We will do our best to identify any generative AI content published.

Our owner believes that allowing generative AI benefits communities with intellectual disabilities. It allows such communities to potentially compete on the same level as “normal” writers. Thus, it aligns with the fact we are an autistically owned business.