A Word to Our Readers on Our View on Generative AI

A Word to Our Readers on Our View on Generative AI

You may have noticed that some of our writers, like Amy Bexley, have embraced Generative AI and she is using it extensively in her creative process.

Even so, not all AI assisted stories make it past our editors.

Our publications, online and otherwise, will allow the use of generative AI within the systems, laws and agreements subjected to us.

But as this area is in constant flux. Our policies on these matters may change drastically.

Currently, US Copyright laws do not protect AI generated content and some distribution networks won’t accept it. That said, there are some minor exceptions with AI generated works to what’s copyrighted under US law.

The authors and subcontractors of Joseph Street Digest must reveal the AI tools they used, like generative AI, grammar checker, and AI writing coach for rephrasing.

Our goal is to identify and document any content made with AI, distinguishing it from human-made content.

Our owner believes that allowing generative AI benefits communities with intellectual disabilities. It allows such communities to potentially compete on the same level as “normal” writers. Thus, it aligns with the fact we are an autistically owned business.

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