The American Summers of Hedonism

The American Summers of Hedonism

By luckybusiness, Sourced from Adobe Stock
The American political community declared summer as a time of hedonism to counteract the negative effects of the Great Melt. It replaced previous celebrations like LGBT+ celebrations. They did not label human sexuality in Rosella’s time, and people could do what they wanted without judgement. Only certain Christian groups still clung to labels.

Success was found in various economic areas during the summers, which the wealthy in America embraced for spending on housing, entertainment, and leisure. Typically, adding nearly a full 1% to the GDP to the nation during that period.

Local hedonism parties and parades drew protests from Christian groups.

The 4th of July fell in the middle of the summer celebrations that had turned from patriotism to a violent protest, which was a major issue.

The Summers of Hedonism tested the USRM and Rosella’s ability to protect Americans’ right to assemble while stopping property destruction and other crimes.

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