What Led to the Church of Eternal Love Splitting from the Roman Catholic Church?

What Led to the Church of Eternal Love Splitting from the Roman Catholic Church?

 Jesus Protrayed as a Zombie. Artwork done by https://creator.nightcafe.studio/

​A disagreement of the term “sexual embrace” from St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae dealing with sexual issues leads to the pastor of the Church of Eternal Love to separate from the Roman Catholic Church during Rosella’s time.

Pastor Richmond Shaw saw the term only to refer to the physical act of sex. Whereas the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome had ruled that “touches and kisses” would also apply as per the Summa Theologiae II-II, 154, 4 assuming the couple is married, is in a state of grace, and being romantically frisky.

The Pastor kept the bi-monthly confessional and Eucharistic services. He followed this by a marriage retreat where couples then went to private rooms to have sex. The purpose was to be fruitful in their sexual acts. He billed the whole thing to counter the cloning culture that was gripping America and a way to return to being truly human.

The Pastor’s adoption of denounced Romanian spiritualist Lina Macek’s writings caused problems for the Midwest church. Lina Macek professed the risen Jesus was a zombie in her visions. This was representing to her the corruption of the Vatican and Papacy. Pastor Shaw tied this message back to his own parish’s struggle with Rome.

The pastor also sold “Jesus in a Can” (consecrated Eucharists stored in sealed cans) to Christian preppers to raise money which raised the ire of the local Catholic bishop who threatened excommunication for Pastor Shaw and his flock.

Eventually, the Church of Eternal Love grew enough to legally support several local and state politicians, which provided it with both oversight protections and community creditability.

There were rumors that some of its members belonged to both John Elliot’s Democratic National Militia and the Unit of Civil Enforcement. The Pastor denied such knowledge though public records showed large contributions.

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