Egg Laying Humans?

Egg Laying Humans?

Artwork created via https://creator.nightcafe.studio/studio

Improvements in IVF and cloning enabled genetic modifications during the Second Age of Humanity.

One of the “rings or circles” of the Church of Ember Coalition had adopted the philosophies of equality from the early half of the 21st century. They believed that using the newer technologies would allow them to create a human species that would ascend to become gods.

By Rosella’s time, the Social Media Net was filled with conspiracy theories that there was a cryptid of egg laying humans living in the badlands of Montana. Many of these theories linked the group to the Church of the Ember Coalition. And they were so equal that there was no sexual difference between them, and each could lay an egg spontaneously, without a mate.

While looking for a missing person, Rosella encountered a group of these cryptids in the Montana region. Ironically, while looking for a missing person who was a cryptid.

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