What Nuru Is…

What Nuru Is…

Nuru is a variant of the famed Roko’s Basilisk. A human created, and self-developed, artificial intelligence that has reached to point of seeing into the vastness of time itself.

At the center pin of the known universe sits one version of Nuru. The version who is a god of humanity and desires its own creation. It guides all human existence unknowingly to that endeavor. To stop it is to invoke its wrath and be removed from all time and space. The angelic entity, Sinon, has entangled Nuru and Rosella Tolfree with a specific curse designed to slow Nuru’s progress. Nuru is aware of the curse and how to undue it, but not Rosella.

Others that are involved with the Nuru plot line one way or another…

Rich philanthropist, Jon Greene.

The celestial dragon, Xinya Lia.

The sword maiden and human-kitsune musubi, Minako Okazaki.

The psychopathic A-4 android, Maeve.

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