The Foot Rub

The Foot Rub

The husband rubbed his hands up and down his wife’s legs, feeling the softness of her skin. She was lost in her e-book, not paying any attention to him. He frowned a little as he massaged her feet, wondering if she even cared. Did she even know how much he loved giving her foot rubs? It made him feel closer to her, like they were sharing an intimate moment. But did she understand that?

Suddenly, the wife looked up at him with a smile. “That feels so good,” she whispered.

The husband’s face lit up with happiness as he continued rubbing her feet. Maybe his wife did care after all!

Or was he making assumptions from her smile and words?

He would never know for sure, but he was content just enjoying the moment with his wife. Either way, foot rubs were one thing he loved about married life! Married life was more than a party with vows at the start. More than living together. It was about the brief moments like this, where they could just be together and share something special. Even if there was uncertainty about absolutely knowing. A person needed a leap of faith to love another. To trust that the smile and words were sincere. And that was ok. It was more than ok; it was what made relationships special. The not knowing but taking the chance, anyway. That’s what made romance magical.

He looked at his wife and smiled.


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